The Absent

by Punished

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released July 28, 2016

All music and lyrics written and performed by Punished

Ben Read - Vocals
Antonio Freyre - Guitars
Aldo Mora - Guitars/Bass
Ignacio Rizo - Drums

Guest vocals on 02 by Josh Smith and Austin Weber
Guest vocals on 03 by Phil Tougas, recorded by Xavier Berthiaume at Studio Tehom
Guest vocals on 05 by Antti Boman, recorded by Jari "Tupi" Tuomainen



all rights reserved


Punished Guadalajara, Mexico

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Track Name: The Absent
and only then
are we alive

but still there
fueling our every step

We wield a secret weapon
powered by the missing
by the lost, the absent
but never truly gone

When the time came
they were torn from us
taken forever
leaving us behind

By cheating death
we cheated life
Punished to carry
Their missing weight

Why are we still here?
Just to suffer?
Why do we still exist?
Is it just to suffer?

The pain, it burns
bright white Phosphorus lungs breathe
both deep and silent

The ghosts of endless grief
They haunt every moment
The ghosts of endless grief

The loss that shapes who
we’ve become
Memory within our dna
cannot be undone

It burns

Residual impulses coagulate
Like festering wounds
Dormant, in absentia
Never forgotten nor forgiven

We hold our rifles in missing hands
We stand tall on missing legs
We stride forward
on the bones of our fallen

We cling to our dreams, to our phantoms
Track Name: Voices
Forced into a single consciousness
Liberty a faint illusion
Existing alongside but never together
Unity a strong delusion

Opposites attract
But can’t assimilate
Words can kill

Murder the innocent
For their innocence can destroy
For the unitary needs the binary
But the binary needs a one and a zero

Create poison, but not the cure
Let it spread
Words can kill

Together is a paradox
For as long as we want to unite
We’ll try to stay apart

Turn words into parasite
Eradicate from the source
No longer can we unite
Through one common tongue

Let’s share a new language
A new understanding
Let’s speak the words of war
Because words can kill
Track Name: [Truth]
You sunk your hands in bloody dirty
But it’s me who’s stained red
You burnt them to a crisp
But it’s my footprint on the ashes

You blew off their heads
But it’s my finger on the trigger
You took took away their breaths
And it’s me who has to pay

A vague shadow in the distance
A distant memory, long gone
No longer about who I was
But what you’ve made us become

Twisted perspective laced with truth and death
The die cast leaving naught but bodies and bereft

Choked and choking on the iron
The leaden lies blood red

The rattle of a thousand shells of metal
Parting like the sea at the tip of my boot
Charred corpses frozen solid
With your face forever printed on their eyes

I can hear their voices
Calling out your name
The name I now carry
A cursed legacy forever in me

We’ve cheated death
Thanks to us
We have no tomorrow

There is no truth
No facts to grasp
No veracity or principle
Only interpretation